How To Create A Camping Bedroom

Our family absolutely loves our camping trips every summer. It’s our favourite way to unplug and relax. And you know I love talking about how I organize our camping kitchen, our favorite camping tips and our delicious camping recipes. Now I want to share with you how we set up our glamping space where we enjoy a cozy and comfortable sleep in our tent.

How To Create A Camping Bedroom

Getting a comfortable night’s sleep in a tent can be tricky if you are not prepared. After years of experience, I want to share with you how I set up our cozy nest so we are ready for counting sheep after a full day of fun outside cooking meals, boating, fishing & swimming.

1. Invest in A Portable Bed. If you haven’t already, invest in a queen size portable bed that comes with an air mattress on a fold-up frame. It’s da bomb. It’s roomy, comfortable and it get’s you up off the ground so it feels much like a real at-home bed.

Toss Out A Rug 1

2. Ditch the Sleeping Bags. Although sleeping bags are comfortable and fun for kids, they are not so fun for adults. Tossing and turning in a sleeping bag and getting wrapped up like Twizzlers is not my idea of catching some good Zzzs.
I like comforters, blankets and quilts. That way, I can layer things according to the temperature outside and I never feel all twisted up. I bring a fitted sheet to cover the mattress and then I bring a comforter and a quilt and I find it’s enough for most summer camping trips.

Ditch the Sleeping Bags

3. Bring Comfortable Pillows. Always bring comfortable pillows. It’s no fun to go camping and wake up with a cramped, kinked neck from sleeping on flat pillows that you don’t normally sleep on. And I like to bring a few extra toss pillows so I have something to curl up with when I read.

Bring Comfortable Pillows

4. Use Portable Tables as Night Stands. If you have room, bring small portable tables to use beside the bed. We have small tables that fold flat for travel and storage, and they really bring an extra level of comfort to the camping bedroom. They are great for holding lanterns, radios, flashlights, water, glasses and any other thing you like to have at arm’s reach at night.

Use Portable Tables as Night Stands

Use Portable Tables as Night Stands 1

5. Toss Out A Rug. Adding a rug beside the bed is so much more comfortable on the tootsies than a bare tent floor. And my little dogs like to sleep on it at night too. It just adds that extra level of comfort to a tent that makes it feel warm & cozy.

Toss Out A Rug

Years ago, when we started out camping as a young family, we used to sleep in sleeping bags on air mattresses on the tent floor. But as time has passed {and we have gotten older!} we have gradually upgraded to a few things that make our trips much more comfortable. If buying new equipment is not in the budget, searching yard sales and online buy/sell sites can often yield barely used camping equipment for a really great price.

Toss Out A Rug 7

Our family is going camping soon, and I really look forward to spending some unplugged time with my kids and husband in the great outdoors. And I have to say that I enjoy it all the more knowing that we can get a really good night’s sleep in our cozy and comfortable tent!