Best Canned Food for Camping

Canned food is the most practical when going backpacking, however, it also makes for a convenient source of food for those lazy days around the campsite. A tip is to make sure you bring a can opener. It sounds like an obvious item to bring but when you are in a hurry it is an item that is easily forgotten. Also bring spices to help add some zest to your entrees.

1. Tuna


  • You can bring along some croissants and mozzarella cheese to add some flavor to your tuna.
  • Place the cheese on top of the tuna and heat up the tuna and croissant on a frying pan. A spatula will help make this process easier to combine the items.

2. Soup

Food - Tomato Soup

  • There is a variety of different soup that you can bring. This means that it makes it easy to match every ones taste.
  • Allowing each person to be happy with their individual selection. You just need to bring along a pot for cooking it in.

3. Ham or Spam

  • You can spice these items up by bringing skewers along to make kabobs.
  • Items to add flavor would be pineapple chunks or fresh mushrooms.